digital content producer
NGOs and Social Impact Organizations must tell their stories in a way that captivates people around the world while working with budgets that are a small fraction of traditional businesses. They must develop a rich body of work that can be utilized across multiple platforms, often for years, but cannot pay exorbitant licensing fees. Their compelling narratives are key to communicating crucial messages to the public and these stories are often found in the most challenging of circumstances.

Al Compton approaches his work with non-profits as an expert filmmaker, photographer, and teacher, with over 20 years of experience. He works directly with in-house teams to develop their capacity and skills through direct apprenticeship. His creative direction establishes guidelines that channel each organization’s ongoing communications and mentors staff as they evolve as storytellers and digital content producers. Each collaboration is focused on supporting marketing and fundraising teams to advance their skills and progress towards self-sufficiency.
Al transfers all licenses and copyrights to the non-profit entities he serves so that each organization can use the digital content in perpetuity for any purpose.
This unique model has been developed from years of serving non-profits and civil society organizations around the world, it is a uniquely tailored solution designed to have a lasting impact on some of the world’s most inspiring organizations.


"I have never worked with a person who has such a grasp on how to tell the story of a social impact organization, while, at the same time, teaching organizations how to be more self-sufficient, and in control of their own destiny. Al is a rare individual who is capable of bringing out the best in people—whether the subject of his film work or the budding photographer he is mentoring (and to whom he is passing the torch when he leaves)."

William Toliver   |   Board Chair, Resource Alliance

“It was incredible to see how the skill, sensitivity and work ethic of one individual could transform our organization’s approach to communicating with hundreds of thousands of people - Mr. Compton has had a massive impact on us as people and as an organization. Alan was instantly able to grasp the complexity and fragility of the issues we deal with and adapt his approach accordingly, relative to our culture, and find ways to extract the stories we desperately need to tell. Alan‘s generosity extended to every element of his work, it is clear that his sole focus is to help people communicate, to showcase the heart and minds of people who need to be heard.”      

Anshu Gupta   |   Founder of Goonj

"Al Compton’s ability to work in the toughest of environments, his collaborative nature and communication skills make him a unique force that has brought great value to our organization."    

Steinar Kaldal   |   Icelandic Environmental Association

"“We are a French charity based in Paris, supporting at-risk youth in Varanasi, India. We commissioned Alan to join us in India to capture our projects. The results were so far beyond what we could have imagined. His creative approach to communications has had a transformational impact on Act & Help. His emotional intelligence and storytelling expertise captured our work in the most powerful ways. Alan donated the license to all of his work to our organisation and we were able to hold an exhibition and charity auction in Paris, This event was incredibly successful, raising much needed funds to support our projects in Varanasi. We are forever grateful and treasure our ongoing relationship with Alan.”    

Elisabeth Bernard   |   Founder of Act & Help

‘We have invited Al Compton to work with us in Ghana numerous times, he is a unique individual who has inspired our team to produce content of the highest standards. I can't say enough regarding the impact he has had at Lucid.’     

Michael Casley-Hayford   |   Lucid Communications